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TASTY VEG / NON-VEG FOOD / TANDOORI Items ( Can Be Arranged )

OPTION 1 - Veg & Non-Veg Food Delivered at Farm House from nearby HOTEL.
                  Ask for MENU Card at the Farm House. ( Very Very Nominal Rates .
                  Order 12 Hours in Advance at the Farm House.)

                   ( Food items include Breakfast / Lunch / Evening Tiffen / Dinner/ Juices / Ice Creams /

                   Tandoori Items / Biriyani / Parathas / Pulkas and all Non Veg & Fish Items.)

OPTION 2 - Professional Quality & Service from HOT KITCHEN Restaurant ECR

                 ( All Food Served Hot AT THE FARM HOUSE with Buffet Tables & Burners )

OPTION 3 - Very Tasty but Very Affordable Food (Veg & Non Veg) Prepared by
                  North Indians and delivered HOT at the Farm House or Even Better
                 Prepared Hot at the Farm House( Hot Samosas, Cutlets, Jalebies Etc.)

OPTION 4 - Cook Your OWN FOOD. Separate Cooking Area with Piped GAS
                  Connection, Gas Stove and Basic UTENCILS Available.

PROFESSIONAL COOKING ( Say for 100 People) with Washing Facility is Possible in the Cooking Area..

                                          Visit the Farm House with your CATERER


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